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Cabinetry 101

For most people, designing a kitchen, bath or media is a one-in-a-lifetime project. If you don’t know cherry from maple or overlay from inset, you have come to the right place.

Cabinetry - Your Look


The Look: What is your look and how are you going to achieve it?

Is your style casual or formal? Modern or rustic? Visit our online gallery or grab your favorite design magazine.

The look is a combination of door styles, type of wood, wood finishes and accents. Styles range from Old World to Modern and costs vary by construction. Wood choices include a hardwood such as cherry and softer, less expensive options like Alder and Oak. Each type of wood can accommodate a range of stains or paints, also known as opaques.

Learn more about styles and finishes.

Establishing the Functionality: How will you use your cabinetry?

Remember you are designing a custom solution for you and your lifestyle! Take the following into consideration when designing your cabinetry solution:

  • Beyond cooking / bathing / media viewing, what are the room’s other functions? Is this a place to dine, entertain, relax, work, or something else?
  • How will people use this room? Will it be used my multiple people at one time? How will they work together or around one another? How will traffic flow through this room?
  • What special needs does your room have? Will you store wine, linens or food staples? Do you want to display china, books, pots and pans or other collections? Where will the inevitable clutter live? Where will recycling go? Any accommodations for children or pets? Consider your appliances, too.
Functional Uses for Cabinetry

Measure and Plan

With consideration for how you will use the space and your vision for wood, finish and style, you are ready to create a plan! Measure your room and appliances and visit us with your ideas and the dimensions. Together we will look at style and finish options, your functional needs and create an electronic rendering and price quote.

Fax or email sketches of your space to us today!
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