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Finishes Cabinetry finishes begin with a wood selection and end with stains or paints.


Woods are primarily categorized by their density and range from hard to soft where hard is considered premium. They are also categorized by color, by consistency or grain. Lastly, each wood absorbs and reveals paints and stains differently.

Cherry is the quintessential hard wood choice known for its enduring quality. Cherry wood can have variations and often offers a more dramatic look. It works nicely with darker stains.

Maple is considered middle-of-the-road. It is not quite as hard as cherry and it has a consistent grain.

Alder and oak are softer woods – and less expensive. Alder accommodates darker stains like cherry but with a grain similar to maple.




Paints and Stains

Stains are applied to accentuate and enhance the wood characteristics of cabinetry. For example, oak can be stained with an antique white, a burgundy or a dark chestnut. Each will achieve a very different look. Stains available vary by wood type.

Paint – also knows as opaques – masks wood qualities like the grain and consistency. Whites are popular, as are shades of beige and green.

Also available: distressed finishes that create vintage or natural-wear appearances.

Stain Swatches
Antique White - Burgundy - Dark Chestnut

Popular Opaques for Cabinetry
Popular Paint Options for Cabinetry--
Many More Available


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